1 Receiving intimation letter
2 Stamped received on document
3 Check status in system
4 Create a file of every claim
5 Enter data of claim on excel sheet
6 Issuing letter for requirement
7 Issuing claim forms
8 Calculation of bonus, due premium and reinstatement
9 After receiving document verify it and stamped received to keep in file
10 File reviewed by doctor of medical document (if applicable)
11 Field investigation to hospital, police station and neighbour(in case of suspicious)
12 In case of dispute file reviewed by legal
13 Prepare approval sheet
14 Calculation sheet for paymant
15 Prepare voucher for cheque
16 Filled check list
17 Prepare discharge voucher and filled by beneficiary with passport size photo
18 Copy of cheque kept in file
19 Final letter for payment