What is Life Insurance?2021-04-27T07:43:52+00:00

Insurance in general is transferring of risks that are unforeseeable but in case of Life Insurance since death is definite, we cannot transfer this risk but the problems & consequences that comes after someone’s death can be covered. Huge expenses like marriage, education, medical treatments could be covered by having a life insurance.

Who can take out an Insurance Plan?2019-09-24T09:12:23+00:00

Everyone with a sound health and has a reasonable level of income can be insured, however in some cases there may be medical requirements and even medical conditions are accepted provided client is ready for medical checkup as per requirements of the Company.

There are many products, which one is suitable for me?2019-09-24T09:15:56+00:00

The type of product suitable for you entirely depends on your need. To discuss your need please contact us. Our advisors will happily assist you.

What is the level of coverage I need?2019-09-24T09:17:20+00:00

The ideal level of coverage in general should be equivalent to 10-year income of Insured however, this may vary depending upon need.

Is it must to have a beneficiary?2019-09-24T09:18:09+00:00

Yes, it is, since there should be someone designated to receive claim in case of eventuality of the insured.

Who can be my beneficiary?2019-09-24T09:19:06+00:00

Anyone from immediate family/blood relation who will suffer consequences in case of eventuality of Insured.

Where/how can I pay my premium?2021-04-27T07:48:18+00:00

You can pay premium at any offices and branches of Reliance Life Insurance Ltd. Bank deposit and Bank transfer from within the country is also accepted.

What will happen to my policy if I fail to pay premium?2021-04-27T07:48:13+00:00

Insurance policy becomes inactive/lapse in case you fail to pay a premium and risk is not covered while policy is inactive. However, this can be reinstated within the insurance term by fulfilling certain requirements of the company.

Can I make any changes once policy is issued?2021-04-27T07:46:28+00:00

Yes, major changes such as addition/deletion of rider benefit, face amount can be made. However changes related to contact details, nominee etc. can be changed anytime by contacting our customer service department.

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