1: Reliance Life requests to change the password of customers and agents every three months.
2: Password must be 8 characters long, including at least one numeric, special character, and capital letter.
3: Reliance Life never asks for passwords of its clients and Agents. Never share your OTP and password with anyone.
4: Use only listed payment gateways to pay the premium as below:
a: esewa
b: Khalti
c: Ime Pay
d: connect IPS
e: Cell Pay
f: Fone Pay
g: Prabhu Pay

5: Do not connect to public wifi; if you must use Public wifi network avoid touching personal identification information, password, etc. If possible, connect VPN while using public WIFI.
6: Always turn off the file-sharing option while using the public wifi network and avoid opening software like Word and Excel.
7: Avoid opening emails with attachments with suspicious file extensions like (*.exe, *.bat, *.cab).