Last updated on June 7th, 2022 at 10:05 am

In case of First Year Premium Payment:

Please write “Name” and “Contact Number” of the Applicant in the bank’s deposit voucher. After the payment, you have to present the deposit slip in any office of Reliance Life or you can email the deposit slip to and get your Insurance Policy Paper

In case of Renewal Premium Payment:

Please write “Policy Number” and “Policyholder Name” in the bank’s deposit voucher. After the payment, you have to present the deposit slip at any office of Reliance Life to get your Renewal Receipt or you can email the deposit slip to and get the Renewal Receipt from any office of Reliance Life later.

You will receive a SMS/Email notification of premium paid in the registered Mobile Number and/or Email Address.

In case of any queries or issues, please call our Customer Service Department.

Sanjeev Kumar Singh – 9801233210

Shruti Thapa – 9801238098

Or you can dial at our 24X7 Contact Center : 01-5970400


You can pay your First Year/Renewal Premium through bank deposit in any of the listed accounts of Reliance Life in various banks. 

S.No. Banks Account Number Account Opened Branch
1 Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. 015900000102524 Naxal
2 Best Finance Company Ltd. 00300100075002000001 Baneshwor
3 Century Commercial Bank Ltd. 0010003474CA Putalisadak
4 Citizen Bank International Ltd. 0520100000573201 New Baneshwor
5 Civil Bank Limited 00210569295027 Main Branch (Sundhara)
6 Everest Bank Ltd. 00100105202518 New Baneshwor
7 Garima Bikas Bank Limited 04800100702987000002 New Road
8 Global IME Bank Ltd. 3901010000397 Anamnagar
9 Guheshwori Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd. 11111000000233 Pulchowk
10 Himalayan Bank Ltd. 02708166610017 New Baneshwor
11 ICFC Finance Ltd. 00200100068733000001 Boudha
12 Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd. 00700100279902000001 Asan
13 Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd. 10000300298320000001 Kumaripati
14 Kumari Bank Ltd. 0010017395800001 Putalisadak
15 Laxmi Bank Ltd. 01211032819 New Baneshwor
16 Lumbini Bikas Bank Ltd. 01600120157985000001 Newroad
17 Machhapuchchhre Bank Ltd. 9990070165800011 Lazimpat
18 Manjushree Finance Ltd. 001000053628 New Baneshwor
19 Mega Bank Nepal Limited 0010010470433 Durbar Marg
20 Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd. 07200100589389000001 Mid-Baneshwor
21 Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd. 05510200252494000001 Kumaripati
22 Nabil Bank Ltd. 1801017500400 Tripureshwor
23 Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. 0030003487001 Bagbazar
24 Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. 00101010326964 Durbar Marg
25 Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. 23225240200139 Bhainsepati
26 NIC Asia Bank Ltd. 5441498316524002 Thapathali
27 NMB Bank Ltd. 0040053667800012 Putalisadak
28 Prabhu Bank Ltd. 0010137847500031 Bijuli Bazar
29 Prime Commercial Bank Ltd.  00105757CA Kamaladi
30 Sanima Bank Ltd. 023010010000124 New Baneshwor
31 Shangrila Develeopment Bank Ltd. 02500800200018000001   Baluwatar
32 Shree Invetment & Finance Company Ltd. 2010033000325524 Dillibazar
33 Siddhartha Bank Ltd. 00107322620 Hattisar
34 Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. 01-3043010-01 New Baneshwor
35 Sunrise Bank Ltd. 0020767301701001 Gairidhara