/ Product / Reliance Money Back Assurance Plan (15 & 20 Years)
Reliance Money Back Assurance Plan (15 & 20 Years)( First issued on: 2017-11-17 )
Need Analysis – helps to meet your regular cash flow need and it gives protection at the same time.

Regular saving for your future + meet your cash flow need + Protecting your loved ones in case of eventuality. This plan typically gives you financial freedom to meet your planned expenses. With minimal regular saving/premium, you can meet bigger needs of your life. For example, if you may have following need,

  • Need to admit your child to good college when he/she completes school.
  • Need fund for his further studies which is going to be expensive.
  • Need fund for your child’s marriage.
  • And also need fund for yourself for some level of financial freedom.

First Date of Issuance: 1st Mangshir 2074. 

Optional Benefits

Premium Waiver Benefit (PWB)

If insured is permanantly disabled due to accident, the payable premiums for the remaining terms from the date of the incident will be waived. 

Monthly Income Benefit (MIB)

This benefit is applicable for child insurance only (Age 11-14 years). In case of death of owner, the child will get monthly benefit of 1% of Sum Assured till child becomes 16 years. 

Total Permanent Disability (TPD)

If insured is permanently disabled due to accident, he/she will be paid sum assured in 120 monthly installments. The TPD coverage is equal to the Sum Assured or Rs.1 Crore, whichever is lower. 


Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)

In case of accidental death, beneficiary will be paid additional amount equal to sum assurred. The ADB Coverage is equal to the Sum Assured or Rs. 1 Crore whichever is lower. 

7,11 and 18 Critical Illness Coverage

Critical Illness Benefit (CI): 7-11-18 Critical illness optional benefit can be taken by the insured. Under this facility a lump sum of up to Rs.50 Lakhs will be provided to the insured in case any one of the illness is medically verified. (Not applicable under the child plan)